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Shorty - guitar, lead vocals
James Britton - keyboards
Jeffrey Ingersoll - bass
Brian Edwards - drums
James T. Johnson III - drums
Deke Kincade - drums
George Jones - congas
Robbie Klein - baritone & tenor sax
Eric DeFade - baritone & tenor sax
Kenny Blake - alto sax
Dan Donohoe - trumpet, horn arrangements
Ross Garin - trombone
Sheena Berkeley
Darrell Clark
Phil Jackson
Billy Hawkins
Bobby Wayne

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1. (They Call Me) Guitar Shorty
2. Take A Taste
3. I Want To Ta-Ta You Baby
4. Walking On Air
5. Somebody Stole My Monkey
6. I Know The Real You
7. Been Down That Blue Road Before
8. Let Me Love You Tonight
9. Smoothe
10. She’s A Bad Mama Jama
11. I Want To Be Your Man
12. What Can I Do (To Win Your Love)
13. Don’t Hoe In The Garden
14. She’s Mine

Produced by the Mojo Boneyard
Recorded and Mixed at: The Mojo Boneyard & Soundscape Studios McKeesport, PA
Mastered at: Metropolis Mastering, Chicago, IL


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